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Net Scouting Intermundo

Net Scouting Intermundo

We are working on an innovation project for Intermundo, the association of Youth Exchange Organisations in Switzerland.

On 19 October 2016 there will be creative workshop in Zurich. The topic: what trends can youth organisations set regarding youth exchange? What trends are interesting for youth organisations.

To prepare the workshop and to have cool inspirations available we are doing a net scouting, a web based research to collect surprising inspirations for the topic from all over the world.

The net scouting will take place between October 12 and October 16 - every net scout will invest one working day between October 12 and October 16. Net scouts can work whenever they want to work and from where ever they would like to work :-).

If you are web savvy and interested to work on this fascinating topic, please apply no later than October 12.

The briefing will be provided on October 12 at 6pm Central European time, the results must be delivered no later October 16 6pm Central European time. You are free to work whenever you like.


Please let us know how much you would like to earn for this one day research job. You will be paid within 14 days after completion of your work and submission of your invoice.

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