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Why I love to be a BrainStore partner

Markus Mettler, BrainStore's founder explains, why he loves to be a BrainStore partner

These are the reasons, why I so much enjoy being a BrainStore partner
  • A appreciate working with an amazing team of people - not having a boss and not having to be a boss

  • I enjoy the broad variety of topics I'm able to work on. From start-ups over government agencies to Fortune 500 companies. The portfolio is overwhelming!

  • I enjoy working in different roles for different projects.

  • The robust and proven tools and processes allow me to focus on people and content without worrying about processes and tools.

  • Whenever I encounter interesting people I can invite them to join BrainStore's network - and stay in touch. Customers turn into freelancers, freelancers into customers.

  • Whenever I encounter dysfunctional organisations I see a potential opportunity to support customers to create and implement ideas.

  • Whenever I see amazing organisations, I see a collaboration opportunity to make things (even) better

  • Agile working and the Pay-What-You-Wish model have changed the way I interact with customers. The focus is on creating customer value and having a good time doing so.