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Quality Alliance Eco-Drive fosters economical and ecological driving.

This is how we motivate fleet-managers to see efficicient driving as an opportunity.

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SBB: The Federal Swiss Railway Company

How can we streamline information sharing across out communication platforms?

QAED fördert in der Schweiz das ökonomische und ökologische Fahren von Motorfahrzeugen

Kreativ-Workshop für Quality Alliance Eco-Drive: Highlights der EcoDrive-Strategie 2018 bis 2020


BFE. Swiss Federal Department of Energy.

Creative-Workshop: visionary ideas for the future of mobility.


Intermundo is the association of the Swiss Youth Exchange Organisation

Creative Workshop for Intermundo: Trend hunting

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Swiss Post New Business

A claim for the eHealth services of the Swiss Post


One of the larges NGOs preserving wildlife and nature

New ideas for young target audiences: WWF

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Coca-Cola is a leading softdrink manufacturer

What are unusual shopper marketing measures for the EURO 2016?

Atupri ist eine führende Schweizer Krankenkasse

Kreativ-Workshop für Atupri: Frische Ideen für gesundheitsfördernde WOW-Angebote

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PostFinance is the leading Swiss retail banker

What does the bank of the future look like?

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Grand Tour of Switzerland is the Swiss version of Route 66

What are surprising highlights of the Grand Tour of Switzerland?

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The African Innovation Foundation is a leading African innovation catalyst

How can we unleash the potential of our youth to innovate the future of our continent?

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BUST is a pioneer US Feminist magazine.

Fresh Ideas for BUST magazine

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Rivella is one of the most successful producers of soft drinks in Switzerland.

Fresh ideas for a Rivella summer promotion

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Southern Cross is a private school in Hoedspruit, South Africa

Training and Workshop in South Africa

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The Swiss Museum Pass provides access to over 200 museums in all of Switzerland

How will the Swiss Museum Pass celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2016?

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AIESEC is the leading student organisation.

What does AIESEC Switzerland's Code of Conduct look like?

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SRF Virus is a public broadcasting station in Switzerland.

What does Virus' Innovation Toolbox look like?

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SRF is the leading Swiss Broadcasting corporation.

How can we be better innovators?

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HUBER+SUHNER is global market leader on cabling systems for trains.

What does the cable of the future look like?

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PPG Industries is an American global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, specialty materials, chemicals, glass, and fiberglass.

How can we improve our innovation culture?

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Koneksa - A startup in medical data mining.

How can patients increase adherence to medicine?

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The National Academy is the leading association of American artist and architects

BrainStore at the National Academy in NYC

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The key ingredients of innovation.

Markus Mettler speaks at Creative Mornings in Geneva

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John Hanning - creator of Cosmo

Fresh Ideas for the NYC Artist John Hanning

Die WIR Bank ist eine gesamtschweizerische Mittelstandsbank.

Future Expedition für die WIR Bank: Die WIR Bank im Jahre 2023

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Little Tree - the no 1 for air refreshers in cars.

Fresh Ideas for Little Tree (Wunderbaum)

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Curaviva. The Swiss Association of Retirement Facilities.

How would we like to grow old?

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New Ideas for the Naville Retail Group

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Government of the Swiss state of Berne

What does the future of the State of Berne look like?

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Huntsman. Leading chemical manufacturer.

What impact will global trends have on our products?

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OeBB Austrian Railways

New product ideas for the Austrian Railways

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Leading manufacturer of food.

Kraft Europe Future Expedition

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BrainStore at the UN.

How to promote African Science in the Western world

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BMW. Leading manufacturer of premium automobiles

Re-inventing the sales approach for BMW Z4

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Greenpeace. Leading environmentalist organization.

Creative Workshop for Greenpeace: how can we better collaborate

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German city

What does a new city neighbourhood look like in Pforzheim Germany

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BASF. World's biggest chemical company.

BASF: How will formic acid be synthesised in the future?

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One of BrainStore's youngest customers

How can I become an actor?

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BMW. Leading builder of automobiles.

Creating Ideas for the new convertible rooftop for BMW

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The Kunsthaus in Zurich is one of Europe's leading modern art museums.

How can the Kunsthaus Zurich become more attractive to the young generation?

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FAZ: The leading German newspaper

Die FAZ rezensiert das Buch Die Ideenmaschine von BrainStore Mitgründerin Nadja Schnetzler

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Schloss Schönbrunn is Austria's number one tourist attraction.

How can we reactivate the maze in Schloss Schönbrunn?

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Time Magazine: one of the most famous magazines

BrainStore is portrayed in Time Magazine

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Fast Company. One of the most inspiring US tech magazines

BrainStore in Fast Company

The City of Biel is a bilingual city in Switzerland

How can the city of Biel become more attractive?

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The SBB is the leading Swiss Railway company.

How can we become more attractive for the young generation?