Roles in the organizing team (in person workshops)

In order to use the idea machine effectively, it makes sense to have a well-composed organizing team.

The roles

  • Facilitation organizing team
  • Facilitation participants
  • Community
  • Minutetakers
  • Runners
  • Techie
  • Video/Photo
  • Designer (only in the aftermath)

During the workshop we work with agile principles and use the cycleboard. Everyone can pull open tasks from the Cycleboard (= move from open to doing).

Experiment also with new tasks. You will learn a lot. You can also team up with others to pull a task.

Facilitator Organizing Team

This person is the facilitator of the organizing team, makes tasks easier, and helps place and select tasks.

Facilitation Participants

This person moderates the participants, explains tasks and looks at the timing.


The role of the "Community" in the workshop is to make sure everyone feels at ease.

Minute takers

Good minutes are an important success factor


The runner is in charge for the logistics of the workshop. To make sure we have enough equipment at the right time and that the location is well setup and transformed.


In workshops we often use technological tools (e.g. beamer, laptop, stereo, microphones, printers). The techie is responsible for everything running.

Photographer / Videographer

The purpose of the pictures is to document the workshop steps (welcome, amassing, illumination, like, etc.) and the atmosphere at the workshop and capture visual results (e.g. flipcharts, play-doh or lego models).


The designers create beautiful visual with the ideas coming from the Think Tank process of the Idea Maschine.
There are other design related tasks which the designer can pull before the workshop: e.g. invitations for participants,
headers for Idea Times.