What changes when working agile?

 Understanding of what it's all about

Understanding Purpose and goals are vital to Agile Working. This is why it's not for robots and many people in today's organizations behave like robots...


We replace the numerous functions and titles within the organisation with four roles. Every role has clear responsibilities. Everybody should be willing to take any one of the four roles.

Pull don't push

Roles and tasks are alway pulled and never pushed. So nobody can tell anybody what to do or how to do it.
Everybody in Agile Working shares part of the responsibility.


During cycles with a reasonable time and assignment measurable value is created.


Communication is crucial to agile work; if information flows quickly, open and in a transparent way, the efficiency and contentment of the team rise quickly. Asking questions and gathering of information is important.

 Three processes and a tool box

Three processes and scalable, replicable tools allow to focus the energy of the team on following the purpose instead of re-inventing the wheel every time.


Learning from experience, learning from success and failure are of vital importance.