Create a website for personal use

You can use the Sitemanager also for yourself. A nice way to structure information.

1. Create a new project in your project manager

Go to your project manager and create a project

2. Provide your project with a title

3. Pin your project - it will appear in your favorites...

4. Add a new website to your project

5. Define Site Settings

Provide Site relevant information

  • The full title
  • The short title
  • Select the languages
  • Select the subdomain (e.g. will allow you to access the site via
  • Save the site

6. Access your site

You now get a message that your site is saved and you can view your site.

7. Access your landing page

Every page you can edit has a little discrete square on the top left side.

8. Open the editor to modify your landing page

9. Edit your landingpage

  • Add a lead
  • Add a body
  • Add an image

Save and preview!

10. Version 1.0 → Done

Move on from here? Consult the Sitemanager!