How to create a time lapse video from a workshop using a DJI Osmo camera and DaVinci Resolve

1. What you need

  • Fully charged camera
  • A fast SD card without any content
  • A tripod for the camera
  • A charged Powerbank with an USB C cable attached to it

2. Preparation

Format the SD card in the camera
Adjust the camera settings to timelapse with unlimited recording and an interval of 2s per frame
Mount the camera to the tripod
Attach the power cable to the powerbank and the camera

3. Test

Turn on the camera
Record for a few minutes
Test the footage

4. Filming the event

Place the camera at a place where you have a good overview of the action
Record - don't worry if nothing is happening in the location yet
When the team moves to a different location, stop the recording and restart, at the new location (this will automatically ensure good exposure)
Film with the light source - not against the light source

5. Copy the data to your device

After the event, copy the content from the SD card to your device

6. Make the movie

Create a new project in DaVinci resolve
In the first tab import the footage to the project
Don't change the framerate when asked

7. Select, cut and insert

In the second tab: click on the first movie. Scan the clip.
Press "i" to set an insert point
Press "o" to set end point
If OK → Edit append to timeline

8. Add key visuals of results in form of images

9. Add a soundtrack vom BrainStore's Media Library