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Import Amassing questions from a spreadsheet into your Idea Machine

You can easily import amassing questions to your idea machine. When importing amassing questions there are mandatory and optional fields.

Mandatory fields

Provide a number (integer)

You must pick a type from the list

You must provide a text

Provide the duration of the tool in seconds - this will influence to timer in online brainstormings

Optional fields

If you plan on printing it's easiest to select the printsize here (easy to copy paste)

background_info: for certain forms and online brainstormings (markdown ok!) you can background information

Provide a starting time - if you like. Use the format 24 hour clock e.g. 10:00 or 14:00

Provide an end time. For the lazy ones: you can add a formulas and copy them...

H2 =(D2/3600/24)+G2
H3 =(D3/3600/24)+G3
G3 =H2

Google Sheets believes the three hundred seconds are three hundred days. This is why we devide by 24 to geht the hours and by 3600 to get the seconds.