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Welcome to the print shop

The Idea Machine Software provides you with all the printed tools you need for your workshops.

You can print most items before the workshop

  • Color printer which is capable of printing up to A3/Tabloid format
  • A plotter for workshop plots (24-inch or 36-inch paper (width) are ideal)
  • A cutter - this allows you to print multiple forms on one sheet and thus save paper and time

During the workshop you need access to

  • A small format printer (black and white OK)
  • Optionally: An A3/Tabloid printer for the newspaper

Have a look at the print settings.

There are many settings to customize prints to taste. Everything will work without customizing your settings.
* Primary color used for most forms
* Newspaper banners and images, font sizes, etc.
* Logos and images for welcome signs