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What you bring along

This is what you need as a BrainStore partner

You are curious

Curiosity is the key to change and innovation work. You love to ask questions and your are open to all answers you get .

You like human beings

As a champ you will be dealing with many different people.

Feel comfortable with uncertainty

For every innovation topics there are n possible solution. You feel comfortable with multiple options and paths to take.

Open to experiment and assess risks

Innovation is about experimenting and assessing risks of your experiments.

Open to fail - able to afford to loose

There is no guarantee for success when dealing with the future. Being fearful and worrying to much will distract you from your innovation work.

Good interview skills

A a champ you need to be able to interview customers, team members and identify needs, desires, fear and inspirations.

Capability to structure information

You can untangle information and bring information into a comprehensive structure.

Able to share information - also in front of a group of people

You like to share information - in writing or during presentations - also in front of a large group of people.

Self confidence, good gut feelings, Peace of mind

You feel comfortable in your skin and you like to make others feel comfortable too