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Training oct 2016 053252016

Organisiert durch Marie Sebald and Jonas Lufft, BrainStore Partner in Hamburg

Innovation Champ Training in Hamburg


The network grows

Celebrating 25 BrainStore partners

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BrainStore Milestones

Updated version of the DNA of Innovation released

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BrainStore Tools

BrainStore released the Idea Machine Engine (software beta)

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BrainStore Innovation Champ Training

BrainStore Innovation Champ Training in NYC December 2014

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The BrainStore network is expanding!

BrainStores go online in Switzerland, Spain and the USA

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Lleida - first BrainStore location in Spain.

The BrainStore Lleida team organizes an innovation training

A new BrainStore product

BrainStore launches the Innovation Champ Training

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BrainStore introduces the Pay-What-You-Wish-Principle

BrainStore changes the business model to Pay-What-You-Wish

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Nikkei is the leading Japanese Business News Network

Nikkei Newspaper features BrainStore

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BrainStore launches the Idea Machine Software

Idea Machine Software

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Germany's top weekly newspaper

BrainStore in the German Newspaper "Die Welt"

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FAZ: The leading German newspaper

Die FAZ rezensiert das Buch die Ideenmaschine von BrainStore Mitgründerin Nadja Schnetzler

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Time Magazine: one of the most famous magazines

BrainStore is portrayed in Time Magazine

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Fast Company. One of the most inspiring US tech magazines

BrainStore in Fast Company

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Die Zeit, one of the most renowned German weekly newspapers

BrainStore in the Newspaper "Die Zeit"

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BrainStore. The Swiss Idea Factory.

The first BrainStore opens

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BrainStore. The Swiss Idea Factory.

The Idea Machine is ready