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IDEA to IMPACT Brainstore Event

Join our IDEA to IMPACT Women's Event!

We have the articles and the marches and the talks and the meetups and the new briefings, Now What? Now that we have all of this information, what do we do with it and how do we make an IMPACT?

This workshop is the answer to Now What?

We offer a unique, high octane learning experience and a boost for your innovation spirits. Ideal if you are looking for new ways and ideas to tackle your innovation and change challenges!

What to expect:
→ Nadja Schnetzler, a founder of Brainstore and Millie Armstrong, a Brainstore partner happily co-hosting the event.
→ A unique learning experience. A nice blend of robust background information, real-life examples and inspiring exercises.
→ Direct access to 25 years of innovation experience.
→ A tool-set you can use every day. All participants receive a comprehensive documentation and a tool set for your daily innovation work.
→ Interesting participants. Look forward to working with an interesting team united by the passion for change and innovation. An inspiring environment.
→ Every training takes place in an inspiring environment with space to think out-of-the-box.

Join us if your NOW WHAT questions include:

How do I identify a good idea? What is required for successful implementation work?
How do I change what feels impossible or too large to change?
How do I motivate human beings to think out-of-the-box (also those who don’t think they are especially imaginative)?
How do I deal with fear and failure when it comes to innovation? How can I improve the innovation culture in an organization?
How can I best follow my passion for innovation and my desire to improve things and grow my innovation expertise?
What are the most stimulating tools for innovation work (digital and analog tools)? How to create fresh ideas at the push of a button?

Terms and Conditions

The training schedule is as follows:

Friday July 28th, 6pm-10pm
Saturday July 29th, 10am -5pm
Sunday July 30th, 10am- 5pm

Check-In is 30 minutes before the event begins

The costs:
The price for the training is based on the avant-garde BrainStore «Pay-What-You-Wish» business model. After the training you have two days of time to reflect on the value the training provided to you and to set a price. You can set any price you wish. There is no minimum and no maximum price. After indicating the price you will receive an invoice - due within 10 days.

Details regarding location and other relevant information will be sent the week of the event.

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Lucky Penny

Hi I'm Millie, the owner of Lucky Penny, a Brainstore partnership. Lucky Penny is a place that specializes in innovation in the area of personal finance and social impact. Our clients are businesses and individuals. We seek to help our clients increasing cashflow and increasing social impact with fresh ideas! We use the Idea Machine to generate fresh ideas in both areas in a structured, fun and innovative manner.

We would love to hear from you!

+1 646 875 1628

Website: Lucky Penny