How we make decisions in the network

The decision-making process

All partners are involved

All BrainStore partners are invited by the network champ(s) to the decision making process with adequate deadlines and well-prepared information. All partners are invited to join the discussion, provide inputs and feedback, and suggestions.

Decision values

Decisions should be in line with BrainStore's purpose and Code of Conduct.
Discussions are focused on finding consensus. Individual vetoes are taken seriously. It's better to find a good decision than a fast decision. Timeouts to provide time for individual reflection are OK.


If voting is required:
Decisions are taken with a simple majority of all partners present.

If the topic is important to you and you can't participate → let the network champs know.


A veto can be initiated within one week of sharing the results by any partner should doubts arise about the decision taken. A veto will initiate additional conversations with the goal to find a consensus. If no consensus can be found, another voting will take place without additional veto options.

Communication Channel

Invitations and decisions are communicated via email ( address) to the partners.

Version 1.0 – Approved on 12 June 2020