The flow of resources within the BrainStore network

The flow of resources within the BrainStore network.

BrainStore has two types of activities

  • Commercial activities via the stores
  • Network activities via the partner network

Flow of time

BrainStore partners are invited to get engaged in network cycles and invest time and other resources.
This happens before the cycle (customer model).
The champs of the initiatives assure full transparency towards the network.

Flow of money

Money flows into the network via the following channels

  • Revenue from Store Cycles (commercial side, including revenue from Granting partners)
  • Investments from Partners (linked to Network Cycles)
  • Other revenue (e.g. R&D contributions)

Management of funds

Revenue from store cycles and other revenue: The network champs decide on expenditures in line with BrainStore's Purpose, Code of Conduct, and the current Network Roadmap and Cycle Briefing. Funds allocated to Champs of network initiatives: the champs in charge decide.

Investments from Partners linked to Network Cycles: the Champs of the initiatives decide on how to spend the funds and share with the network.

All champs assure full transparency with their activities.

Version 1.0 – Approved on 12 June 2020