Network Cycle

The flow of network cycles at BrainStore

The network cycle

What is the BrainStore network cycle?

The network cycle is the work cycle where BrainStore's network activities are managed.

Roles in the network cycle

Customer Role: All partners are in the customer role. Expect to be delighted!
Champ(s): One or more partners take over the role of the network champs during the cycle
Team: All partners who are involved in the network cycle form the team.
Facilitator: One team member takes over the role of the facilitator.
Champs of network initiatives: Partners are invited to take the Champ role for the network initiatives in the now and form teams to work on the initiatives.

Tools in the network cycle

The Network Roadmap This document - available to all partners - provides the big picture of the network initiatives (it's split into the categories now, then, later and maybe)

The Cycle board This document - available to all partners - share the status of the work in progress (it's split into the categories pipeline, open, doing and done)


The Cycle Briefing Every network cycle has a briefing

The Cycle Report Every network cycle has a report

Version 1.0 – Approved on 12 June 2020

Details on the steps of the network cycle

1. Collect input for the next cycle

Partners are invited by the current network champs to provide inputs for the next network cycles. You can do so in this Idea Box.

Ideally the current network Champs additionally interview the partners to learn more about their needs and desires.

2. Call for applications

Together with the report of the last cycle, the current network champs invite partners to apply for the role of the network champ. 

3. Application

Any partner/ team of partners can apply for the role of the network Champs for a cycle.

You can apply here.

Ideally, you include a proposal and a briefing in your application.

4. Decision

All applications are shared with all partners.

The current network Champs organize a call or a meeting with all applicants.

Based on BrainStore's purpose and Code of Conduct the applicants and the current network champs decide, what person or team takes over the Champ role for the next cycle. They also decide on minimal scope, use of network funds and duration of the cycle.

This information is shared with the partners.

5. Feedback from partners - invitation to contribute

Partners are invited to provide feedback based on topics and scope and make available resources for the network Champs to expand the scope.

These resources can be in the form of

  • Time
  • Money
  • Infrastructure
  • Other forms: contacts, cake, or cookies...

6. The cycle starts

The network champs

  • Find a facilitator
  • Share the cycle board
  • The network champ create offers for the network initiatives and invite partners to take the Champ role for these initiatives.

7. During the cycle

The network Champs


  • Decide on Champs for network initiatives (sub-cycles) - network Champs take over customer role
  • Allocation of resources for the sub-cycles
  • Approve the briefings of the network initiative Champs

Share updates

  • Share update with all partners

Champs of network initiatives

  • Can invite partners to join them as team members e.g. for participation in creative processes, as team members of initiatives, partner get-togethers, updates. Network champs share vital information with the team and make the best use of the available resources.

8. At the end of the cycle

Network Champs

  • Prepare the Cycle Report
  • Present the results - invite to provide feedback
  • Prepare the next cycle