How to join the network

The steps to becoming a partner.

Version 1.0 – Approved on 12 June 2020

Details on the steps

1. Learn about the Network

Learn more about the BrainStore Partner Network

Have a look at the DNA of Innovation.

Get familiar with the BrainStore's Partner Page.

Have a look at the Handbook for the Tools.

Look at some case studies and the timeline.

2. Get in touch with a Granting Partner

Get in touch with a Granting Partner

3. Check compatibility - take your time

Talk about your motivation, ask questions - check compatibility with the BrainStore Network purpose, BrainStore’s Purpose, Code of Conduct and Partner Agreement.

4. Agree on test phase and apply for the partnership

If you and your Granting Partner feel comfortable: agree on the test phase, apply for the partnership with your Granting Partner

5. Presentation of candidature

Your Granting Partner will present your candidature during a Get-Together or call. You will be invited to join and share your thoughts.

6. Decision

The granting partner decides after setting the test phase (to be agreed on individually), partners can veto.

7. Test phase and training

Start your test phase - try out - participate, experiment!

You will get access to the tool box and you will be able to join stores.

8. The final decision

After the test phase: reflect with your Granting partner if a partnership makes sense for you, decide if you want to join and if yes: the final decision by the partners. Celebrate!