From Google Docs to InDesign

There is a very cool plugin for InDesign which allows seamless content creation by a team in Google Docs and beautiful layouting in InDesign.

The PlugIn costs USD 150 and is provided by em software.


To get started



1 Install InDesign

30 days free trial from Adobe...

2 Download the Plugin

From em software. Free 14 day trial

3 Setup a Google-Docs Template

You can use the standard styles Title, Subtitle, Heading 1 - 6. You can redifine the styles in your Google docs and set them as your master styles...

4 Setup your document in InDesign

Setup your document in InDesign. Ideally you use the same style names.

5 Define frames on your InDesign Master page

Define empty text frames in your InDesign Master page.

6 Define the text flow between the frames

Define the text flow between the frames.

7 Adapt the styles to ensure flow.

Paragraph keep options. Start paragraph in next frame or on next page.

8 Add a page based on the A-Master

Add a page based on the A-Master

9 Go to the first text frame and import

Go to the first text frame, and import from Google docs.