Setting a fair price

Tips on how to set a fair price

How do I best match BrainStore investment and set a fair price

1. What would delight the BrainStore Team

If you are delighted, consider what honorarium would delight the BrainStore team.

2. The rational ROI approach

  1. Think about how long you will be capitalizing on the results.
  2. What impact on revenue do you expect over the next years?
  3. What impact on costs do you expect over the next years?
  4. What's a fair share of 2 and 3 in % for BrainStore?

3. Competitor's approach

What would a comparable output have cost us if we had sourced it via other channels? Provided these other sources would have been ready, willing, and able to do the magic.

4. The inhouse approach

How much time, energy, talent, and passion would it have cost us to come up with results of equal quality?

5. The itemized approach

Look at every item in the timeline and set a fair price. Then do the math.