How BrainStore creates value

What a collaboration cycle with BrainStore looks like.

An easy way forward


1 Share your challenge.

Share your challenge with a BrainStore champ. You can optain a phone meeting via our Calendly Scheduling page. Share any additional information you consider interesting.

2 BrainStore designs a proposal for you

A BrainStore champ will reflect on your challenge and, based on the DNA of Innovation and the Idea Machine Engine and drafts a proposal for you.

The proposal contains the recommended steps for the first cycle. There will never be a price tag in a BrainStore proposal. It can include a budget for third party costs.

The proposal includes start and end dates. Payment period. And what you can expect from BrainStore at the end of the first cycle.

3 Study the proposal - ask questions - add amendments - go

Study the BrainStore proposal, ask questions and, suggest amendments if you like. Give your OK if you agree.

4 The cycle runs - value is created

The steps of the proposal - as agreed upon - are executed - the process and the results are documented.

5 Results and Report

At the end of the cycle, BrainStore shares the results with you prepares a report. Good documentation during the cycle makes it easy to prepare the report. The report is presented to the customer. The customer can ask questions.

6 Reflect on the value - set the price

After receiving the results the customer has a set time to reflect on the value (ideally 2 working days) and to set the price. There is no minimum and no maximum price. The BrainStore Champ now prepares the invoice, which is due within the time frame of the agreed on a proposal

Ideally the customers and the BrainStore champ meet shortly after the end of a cycle for a debriefing. What went well? What can be improved? Next steps.