BrainStore Add Ons: Net Scouting, Trend Scouting, Idea Interviews, Expert Interviews

Do you need additional inspirations and ideas for your innovation project? Would you like fresh ideas from you customers and co-workers? Would you like access to the ideas of external experts? Are you looking for fresh ideas from other countries or industries?

Add spice to your innovation projects with BrainStore Add ons.

  • Net Scouting: surprising ideas from the web
  • Trend Scouting: surprising ideas from other countries and industries
  • Idea Interviews: inputs and ideas from your customers and co-workers
  • Expert Interviews: Know how and expertise from leading experts


BrainStore Add Ons are great to spice up your innovation life.

BrainStore provides value by

· Suggesting the ideal add ons
· Customised search fields and tools
· Good briefings for every add on
· Identifying key contributors
· Analysis and summaries
· Professional project management


Every add on will involve a community of interesting people contributing to the success of your project.
Talk with your BrainStore about the people you'd like to integrate!


Interested in "BrainStore Add Ons"?
  • Get in touch with BrainStore and let us know what your challenge is
  • We will be happy to prepare a proposal and recommend add ons
  • You have a look at the proposal and give your OK
  • Production can start
These add ons are available

Net Scouting

Web research for inspiring ideas for your topic. Net scouts will search the web and collect inspirations. These inspirations will be brought into an attractive format and can be used for the extraction phase during the creative workshop.

Trend Scouting

Product and service hunting inspires. BrainStore's trend scouts find cool ideas in various countries and industries to inspire the participants of creative workshops. The products are shipped, the observations are documented.

Idea Interviews

Experienced BrainStore interviewers talk to your team, your customers, your customers-to-be about their ideas, expectations, and experiences. The insights are well documented and serve as a great add on for the extraction phase during creative workshops.

Expert Interviews

Experienced BrainStore interviewers talk to leading experts about your topic. This leads to great insights, which are made available to the participants of the creative workshop during the extraction phase.

Time Box

Add ons usually require a production time of 1 to 4 weeks.


image/svg+xmlPAYWHAT YOU WISH
All BrainStore offers are based on BrainStore's avant-garde "Pay-What-You-Wish-Model". After receiving the deliverables you have two days to reflect on the value and to set the price. You can set any price you wish. There is no minimum and no maximum. BrainStore will send you and invoice for the amount indicated, due within 10 days. Third party costs are covered by the customer.