Expedition Planning

Preparation Training

  • What skills do we have as individuals and teams?
  • Which skills do we lack in the team?
  • Group dynamics
  • What things do we want to prepare for?
  • Where do we feel safe? What are we afraid of? Which borders do we want to overcome?
  • What things do we want or need to test and learn during the preparation phase?

Places and people

  • Who do we want to involve for the Flexpedition?
  • Which people inspire us? Which people expand our comfort zone?
  • Which places inspire?
  • Which places expand our comfort zone?
  • Which doors do we want to open?
  • Which questions do we want to pursue?

Development of possible expedition options

  • The possible scope of the expedition
  • Areas we want to focus on
  • Resources: what resources would we like to invest