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The Innovation Champ's Handbook

Would you like to get to know the key factors of successful innovation work? Would you like to get to know the BrainStore Idea Machine? Would you like to learn, why innovation work so often fails? Would you like to access 25+ years of BrainStore experience?

The Innovation Champ's Handbook was published by BrainStore's founder Markus Mettler. You can order it online and it will be sent to you as a PDF file. Learn about the key factors of successful innovation work and capitalise on more than 25 years of experience.

What you will discover in the handbook: why traditional innovation approaches so often fail, the importance of a good briefing, how to compose the ideal innovation community (who to integrate - who not to integrate). How to motivate your time for innovation work, how to create awareness for change and a sense of urgency. How to use the BrainStore Idea Machine to create fresh ideas on the push of a button. How to design road maps. How to improve the innovation culture in your organisation.

Usage and value created

You would like to get to know the key factors of successful innovation work and learn about the BrainStore Idea Machine.

In the Innovation Champ's Handbook you will find a comprehensive overview of the key factors of successful innovation work, many interesting examples and numerous tips for your everyday innovation work.


The Innovation Champ's Handbook is ideal executives, innovations managers and anyone passionate about ideas and innovation.

Step by step

How to order the handbook

you can order the handbook online and it will be sent to you by email as a PDF file.

What you learn

  • Why the classical innovation approach so often fails
  • The importance of a good briefing
  • How to compose a creating community - who to integrate
  • How to motivate people to think out of the box
  • How to create ideas at the push of a button with the idea machine
  • How to place ideas on road maps
  • How to improve your innovation culture.

Lead Time

The book will be sent you as a PDF within 24 hours of ordering


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