Part 4: Flexpedition and Recovery

Embark on the Flexpedition. The Flexpedition guides will join you on your journey to discover the unknown unknowns.

Together we embark on the expedition

  • Flexibility in relation to the program
  • One step leads to the next
  • Sufficient room for adjustments to the program available
  • Capture discoveries and learnings

The Flexpedition: discover the unknown unknowns

Discover the unknown unknowns - discover the limits of your comfort zone.

Return and Relax

After returning from the Flexpedition it's important to relax and digest the impressions. Immediately returning to the daily business would prevent identifying relevant topics.

Conclusion of the cycle

BrainStore creates a report with the results and the recommendations and presents the results. The customer then has two days to reflect on the value and to set the price. A debriefing concludes the cycle. If both parties agree, the kickoff for the next cycle can take place.

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