BrainStore Creative Workshop 2 Days

Do you have a mission-critical innovation challenge? Do you need a reliable set of strong ideas in a very short time? Are you looking for grounded ideas as well as "out-of-the-box-thinking"? Would you like to create a strong buy-in for the ideas created? Would you like the results to be analyzed based on success criteria? Would you like to start implementation ASAP?

The "Creative Workshop 2 Days" is a great format to create a set of fresh ideas for a mission-critical topic. We use the proven BrainStore Idea Machine. At the end of the workshop, we have a set of concrete ideas. Every idea has been analyzed based on success criteria. The leading ideas are visualized in a comparable manner and placed on a road map.


You have a mission-critical top and you need set high-quality ideas.

This is how BrainStore creates value for you:

· Surprising contents
· High efficiency
· Good energy among the participants
· Results that are ready to implement
· Professional project management


The "Creative Workshop 2 Days" is an ideal process to include an interesting community of participants. BrainStore recommends to include participants from within your organization, customers of your organization, external experts and lateral thinkers. The recommended number of participants: 24 to 90.

Time Box

The "Creative Workshop 2 Days" requires a minimum lead time of two weeks.


image/svg+xmlPAYWHAT YOU WISH
All BrainStore offers are based on BrainStore's avant-garde "Pay-What-You-Wish-Model". After receiving the deliverables you have two days to reflect on the value and to set the price. You can set any price you wish. There is no minimum and no maximum. BrainStore will send you and invoice for the amount indicated, due within 10 days. Third party costs are covered by the customer.


Preparation Phase
Workshop Day 1 - Amassing - Extraction - Like (10am to 5pm - with 90 minutes lunch break)
Overnight - graphic design of the ideas
Workshop Day 2 - Idea Selection - Creation of Road Map (9am to 1pm followed by lunch break)