About Luca Weber

Raised in the beautiful Malcantone region of Ticino, Switzerland, Luca moved to Bern to study cultural psychology. In 2000, he took his first steps in innovation with BrainStore and, perhaps more importantly for him, got to know the Brompton folding bike. After BrainStore, Luca worked for Sunrise and Health Promotion Switzerland in the field of health at work. However, he has not forgotten BrainStore. In 2013, he even became Swiss champion in the Brompton folding competition. Today Luca has his own company Smiling and works as a partner of BrainStore.


Luca Weber is active in the following stores

BrainStore Schweiz

Markus Mettler's BrainStore

BrainStore International

Smiling BrainStore

BrainStore Deutschland

BrainStore Partner Network

The Flexpedition Store