About Nadja Schnetzler

Nadja is one of BrainStore's co-founders and a BrainStore partner. She has been involved with BrainStore since 1989 and has conducted or participated in over 1'500 projects for companies around the globe.

Nadja's purpose:

«I am always new. I generously radiate my energy. Kindness will save us.

I experiment and live courageously. I consider it is possible that I may be mistaken.

I clear the path to creating an impact that will move us all forward. What grows big always starts with a small seed.

I am interested in conversations that move everyone forward, in robust decision-making processes, and in purpose. I get to know these topics as a new language, practice them with others, and, with the emerging practice, enable people in different settings to work together in an excellent way.

I am in my center when I am in constantly changing roles, contexts, and biotopes.

I create projects and relationships based on equality and partnership.»


Nadja Schnetzler is active in the following stores

Markus Mettler's BrainStore

Nadja's BrainStore

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Lean and Agile BrainStore

BrainStore Schweiz

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