Guest lists: building a community

With BrainStore's guestlist you build your communities.


Guest are convenient for users and organizing teams alike.

SSU Single Sign Up: One link does it all

  • One link does it all
  • Organizing team decides on landing page
  • Modify roles and privileges for an entire group of users
  • Easy Opt-In - Opt-Out
  • Welcome messages
  • Personalized follow up


To get started



1 Access the guest list button

2 Create a new guest list

3 Add general settings

General Settings

1) Give your Guest List a Name
2) Provide a message for your invitation (this is what users see before the accept your invitation
3) Provide a message for your guest which they see after accepting the invitation
4) Add an optional image
5) Decide on what role users get, if they accept your invitation. You can create a new role if you like. Learn more

Don't forget to save.

4 Recommended: add the Self-Sign-Up-Feature

Activate Self Sign Up

1. Activate the Self-Sign-Up Feature

2. Provide a landing page for users who activate the self sign up link

  • This can be a public or restricted page on your BrainStore website
  • This can be a lobby
  • This can be a link to a link to a step of the Idea Machine Engine
  • Or whatever other BrainStore page which comes to your mind...

Make sure the URL has a / if it's your websites root page - and make sure the role you give the users has access rights to the page.

5 After saving: your Self-Sign-Up Link is ready!

Now your Self-Sign-Up Link is ready

You can share this link with your invitees.

  • If your invitee is signed in at and activates the link the user will land on the page indicated,

  • If your invitee is not signed in at and has a account: the email address is verified and the user gets an email and can join immediately after activating the link in the email .

  • If you invitee does not have a BrainStore account yet: the user enters the email address, confirms terms and conditions, an account is automatically created an the user lands on the page indicated.

6 Add the invitees

Add the users you'd like to invite - share the link with them in an email or text message

You can now add invitees to your list and share the SSU link with them. If you want to comment on why you invited them add a space after the email address, followed by another space and your comment.

Example # Cool guy. We did a movie together

After joining the users will see you welcome message when they login to the project manager