How to create a guest list for a newsletters

In this tutorial you learn, how to setup a newsletter based on a guestlist for your project.

When designing the tool we focused on permission based newsletters.

1. In your project: create a new role and grant privileges

Start with defining a role for the members

Give the role

  • A name (e.g. newsletters subscribers)

And set the access privileges

  • You may also want to give access rights to restricted parts of a specific site
  • And don't forget to include the privilege can access the project manager in the privileges

2. Access the community tab in your project

3. Create a new guest list

On the community tab click on manage guest lists or create new guest list

4. Provide a name for the list, an invitation message and content for the welcome page

In the guest list settings

  • Provide a name for the guest list e.g. "Newsletter Subscription for project ABC"
  • Provide an invitation message, which will appear on the users invitation page
  • Provide content for the welcome message, which will appear on the project page of the user (you can use markdown for this page)

5. Add the email addresses of your guests

Add the email addresses of your guests to the form.

  • You can add multiple addresses to the form. One address per line please.

6. Define which role the invitees should get

You can select one or more roles which the invitees get, once they accepted the invitation

7. After saving the guest list...

After saving the guest list you can see which guests have

  • A pending invitaton
  • Have accepted the invitation
  • Have recected the invitation

8. Communicate with your invitees

By expanding the pending, accepted and rejected lists you will get an email overview of the three categories.

Use these addresses to reach out to your community!


  • Send the invites with status "pending" an email to tell them they are invited. They can accept the invitation with this link:

  • Send out newsletters to those who have the status "accepted"

  • Leave those alone with status "rejected"