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A3 Ideenmanufaktur is specialized in finding unique marketing ideas, particularly for live communication such as trade shows, events or road shows. Typical customer requests are:

Which claim gets to the heart of our USPs?
Which activities lead to sustainable, qualified contacts at trade shows?
How can we improve our dialogue with customers at trade shows?
How do we communicate our message to aim at the customer’s sustainable awareness?
What’s the story we communicate about our brand?
How can we differentiate ourselves from other exhibitors and increase our prominence?
How should we present our products?
What is the motto for our next event?
How should we celebrate our anniversary?

A3 Ideenmanufaktur is part of A3 Erlebnismanufaktur AG, located in Buchrain near Lucerne, Switzerland. On www.a3erlebnismanufaktur.ch/projekte you can see various trade show and event projects we have already realized with convincing ideas.


Barbara Heis - Store Champ


Product Name Product Description

BrainStore works with 6 tools

BrainStore works with 6 proven tools:

a) Ongoing improvement of the innovation culture within an organisation
b) Preparation of innovation work: work with good briefing
c) Composition of innovation communities
d) Motivation of participants to innovate
e) Use the idea machine to create fresh ideas at the push of a button
f) Placement of leading ideas on road maps

The Idea Machine Process


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