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Hello! I’m Laura, I'm curious and reflective. I always think things twice to face the challenges from different angles. Curiosity led me to study various topics and to work in different sectors. I can not resist reading magazines of any subject. I also love organizing events and parties because I think they are the icing on life and I enjoy bringing happiness to people. I’m also particularly interested in digital entrepreneurship and the creation of start-ups. But now I have focused my attention on inspiring people to have new ideas and make them happen. If you are also member of the “Heraclitus fan club", believe that you can never bathe in the same river, that we’re living in a constantly changing world and you are looking for some inspiration to have new ideas and bring them out though, I can help you with a smart process that let you or your company adapt to this rapidly changing world. Innovation is not governed by the rules of chance, so do not bet on luck! You can count on me. Together we can make it possible. Some of my happy costumers are: Laura Palacín- doula, beeserveis, ICE Lleida, SysAid, Oriol Pagès-Hairdress and Sant Jaume-Les Heures College.

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How we work

BrainStore works with 6 tools

BrainStore works with 6 proven tools:

a) Ongoing improvement of the innovation culture within an organisation
b) Preparation of innovation work: work with good briefing
c) Composition of innovation communities
d) Motivation of participants to innovate
e) Use the idea machine to create fresh ideas at the push of a button
f) Placement of leading ideas on road maps

The Idea Machine Process

The brainstore idea machine

Case Studies

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