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Briefing Tool

BrainStore makes available a robust briefing structure.

Parts of the briefing


Relevant facts and figures, Wikipedia style: who, when, what, how. Only verifiable information.


What is the customer's purpose - why is the customer doing, what he is doing? The why. The reason. The driver. The focus.

Road Map

  • What initiatives are planned to pursue the purpose?
  • What is planned now, what comes then, what comes later, what comes maybe?

Cycle related goals

Why is the customer coming to you? Try to keep this simple! Limit to the Cycle only!

Expected results

  • What are the expected results?
  • By when should the results be delivered?
  • What would the customer like to take home?

Define the minimal scope. (It's better to exceed the minimal scope than to promise a lot and not keep your promise)

Resources (time, money, others)

  • What resources does the customer make available?
  • What resources does the Champ want to make available?

Success Criteria

How do we measure the project's success?


With BrainStore's Sitemanager, you can create websites for your target groups in a snap.


  • Includes over 20 pages types
  • Performant import and export features
  • Define three level of access rights
  • Use Markdown for your styling


Where brains hangout in the web: Amazing workflow - interaction - activity

Features of the lobby

  • Always open
  • Engaging
  • Stimulating
  • Fun
  • Efficient

Key Features

  • Live streaming facilitators
  • Chat functions
  • See who is participating including bios and images
  • Breakout rooms
  • Key-note speeches via video
  • Amassing phase inspired by questions and videos, images background information, music
  • Discovery phase with inspiring settings
  • Like phase with voting "like it"
  • Presentation of results
  • Support function via chat
  • Open 24/7
  • Change Themes

Community Tool

This tool allows you to compose the community for your project. It also allows you to fine-tune roles and access privileges for every project part.


With BrainStore's community tool you can

  • Define access rights to the content creating step
  • Define access rights to lobbies
  • Create newsletters via BrainStore's Sitemanager

BrainStore's Offers Engine

Create intriguing collaboration offers to share within or outside of your existing community.


The offers Engine is a tool:

  • to create customized collaboration announcements
  • to post offers and to create flyers
  • to let potential participants apply and invite them to provide application information
  • to compose well-balanced communities

Offers appear under

Idea Machine Software

The Idea Machine Software provides the online platform to cover the entire content creation process with the Idea machine, starting with the briefing all through the road map.

Tools include

  • Amassing
  • Discovery
  • Like
  • Criteria Scan
  • Refinement
  • Idea Selection
  • Road map design

The BrainStore Idea Machine Software is the ideal catalyst for content creation. All building blocks of the Idea Machine can be simply accessed via the tool, which is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Road Map Tool

The simplest way to create a shared understanding of the future is to work with road maps.

With the BrainStore Roadmap tool, you visualize the big picture

Your planning is clearly presented - your strategy becomes comprehensible for third parties.

Ideally, you place the ideas/initiatives in the following categories:

  • Now
  • Then
  • Later
  • Maybe

Cycle Board Tool

The cycle board is the ideal tool to visualize workflow

The Cycle Board

The Cycle Board is BrainStore's form of applying the Kanban technique to team work.

The goals

  • Increase transparency
  • Reduce work in process
  • Reduce time spent in meetings, discussing things

The rules (very simple)

  • Anyone can place items in the pipeline at any given time
  • Only the facilitator can move items from the pipeline to the open
  • Anyone can pull items from the "open" and start doing them
  • When an item is done you place it in the done

The facilitator

The origin of the term facilitator is Latin (facile) and means easy. Ideally, the team selects a facilitator. The facilitator should only pull items if the cycle board is running smoothly.

The facilitator makes things easier by

  • Talking to the team
  • Deciding with the team what to place in the open and thus supporting the team to set priorities
  • Supporting team members to place items in the pipeline and to pull from the open
  • Making sure that there is not too much in the doing

The facilitator can step down at any time - ideally after places all items in the open back in the pipeline before stepping down. The team then selects a new facilitator. So be nice to the facilitator :-)


  • Items can also be pulled by more than one person.
  • Simply edit the item in the doing and add additional names
  • Online: You can change the interval of your notifications


German version
English version

Idea Box

Idea Box to collect ideas on an ongoing basis

The key functions

  • Manage your community of contributors (set to public or restricted)
  • Manage your Idea Box Managers (who can edit the results)
  • Invite participants to submit ideas
  • Make submitted ides available to any audience
  • Identify which ideas the participants like
  • Create reports (PDF)
  • Simple export function to share the contents with the participants/ the team/ the community in an attractive presentation form.