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Lobby Training #2

Do you want to learn how to use BrainStore’s online tools?
We are delighted to offer a training.
The training will take place in a BrainStore Lobby.

Introduction to BrainStore’s online tools.

In this second part of the lobby Training you will get more detailed insights on how to run an online brainstorming workshop in the lobby. We are happy to offer insight on organising online workshops and share with you our experiences.

The workshop will be in english and german, depending on the wishes of the participants. Tutorials are in english.

The training will take place in two sessions on the 14 and 28 January 2021. Ideally you can join on both sessions. But it will also be possible to join just for the second session. In this case you will need to invest some time to learn the basics in advance. Here you apply for the first session on the 28 January 2021.

What you can expect

You will get more detailed insights about:
- How to setup a project and a website
- How setup the Idea Machine and the Lobby for online brainstormings
- How to setup the users privileges
- How to run an online brainstorming with amassing, discovery and like

What you offer

You want to be able to use the BrainStore Lobby yourself.
During the training you need access to a stable internet connection.
You have laptop with camera and microphone.
If it's the first time you use BrainStore's online tools wo will need some time to prepare to the training, we will contact you and discuss details with you.

Agenda and contact

28 January 2021, 2 pm - 5 pm (CET)
Please contact or

Terms and Conditions

We offer this training on a Pay-What-You-Wish basis. After the training on the 28 January 2021, you will have 2 days to reflect on the value and to give us your feedback. You then get an invoice from us.

You can apply until 25 January 2021.

BrainStore Partner Network

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