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Join Session 9 of the BrainStore Training on 15 December 2022: How to delight customers

Join the BrainStore Network Training as guest - learn, experiment and exchange.


We make magic happen

BrainStore Onboarding has started. Every second Thursday, future BrainStore partners train their skills.

We have decided to make the individual sessions available to a wider audience: You are welcome as a guest!

The topic of session 9 on 15 December 2022: How to delight customers
- How to make customers happy and have a good time doing so
- Working with cliffhangers

The participation is based on the BrainStore "Pay-What-You-Wish"-principle.

What you can expect

✅ Exchange in a vibrant team
✅ Be energized for your projects
✅ Learn a lot (tools, processes, collaboration)
✅ Experiment!
✅ Be at the switchboard of information

What you offer

✅ Ready to learn
✅ You enjoy working as a team
✅ You enjoy working on your own
✅ Set the price for the experience based on the Pay-What-You-With principle

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