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In the fast growing digital transformation era we need smart solutions to stay on top of everything. Most of time companies are spending their precious time and resources developing products, services, processes, technologies, talents that are not necessarily making their customers happy. Why because they simply don't take ideation serious or in many cases they outsource it to third party. what stops us moving innovation into our core business/life? May be we don't exactly know how to be more creative.

And yes there are great tools to help you be innovative and in the same time enjoy your personal and company life. BrainStore can assist you to come up with fresh and practical ideas in a very open and agile way. The co-generated ideas can be experimented and results can be assessed quickly.

I assist you get to new ideas and solutions with what you have,using less effort,less energy and less resources(whilst creating less difficulty and stress).This is possible because I strongly believe that playing with colleagues and friends is a rich source of fueling individual and team imagination,creativity, problem-solving abilities, happiness and also relieving stress. That is why during facilitation I use various toolkit such as parable, Lego, improvisation and experiential games to assist you co-explore/generate/hunt ideas that lead you to live a more satisfying, creative and sustainable career and personal life.
I can also support you to put the ideas into action by setting required idea execution infrastructure.
If you are looking for distinct ideas to boost your life or business you can contact me.


Saeid Khak Rah Ale Mohammad - Store Champ


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BrainStore works with 6 tools

BrainStore works with 6 proven tools:

a) Ongoing improvement of the innovation culture within an organisation
b) Preparation of innovation work: work with good briefing
c) Composition of innovation communities
d) Motivation of participants to innovate
e) Use the idea machine to create fresh ideas at the push of a button
f) Placement of leading ideas on road maps

The Idea Machine Process


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