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Briefing Makes sure we have a clear understanding of what we are looking for Provides information and feedback regarding the briefing
Community Makes sure we have a well balanced community of participants Encourage participants with the inside viewpoint to get engaged in the topic
Motivation Makes sure the participants and organizing team are motivated to be part of the innovation project Supports the engagement.
Process Prepare, run and evaluate the process with the support of the organizing team Participates in the creation and evaluation of the ideas. Provides space and resources. Compliance with legal requirements. Makes available resources to implement the ideas
Road Map Supports in making the ideas happen Makes available resources to implement the ideas
Communication BrainStore communicates openly and transparently in line with the project objectives - also publicly. Confidential information will not be shared. The customer communicates openly and transparently in line of the project objective - also in public. Confidential information is declared confidential.
Value Focuses on creating substantial value for the customer and makes available 25+ years of experience as well as BrainStore's proven toolbox. BrainStore's team confirms it is ready, willing and able to carry out the project according to the proposal. Reflects on the value of BrainStore's contribution and sets a price based on the Pay-What-You-Wish principle within 2 days after receiving the results of a cycle. There is no minimum and no maximum fee. The customer commits to be ready, willing and able to compensate BrainStore in a fair way.
Costs BrainStore pays third-party costs related to BrainStore's contribution The customer pays BrainStore's invoice within 10 days.
Expansion of project scope If the scope of the project should increase substantially, this will only be done after mutual agreement. The customer considers the increase in the value reflection
Project abort If a customer decides to terminate a project within a cycle, the customer agrees to pay compensation for the work performed at market values
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