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Code of Conduct

BrainStore makes available the Code of Conduct for working in teams

  • I ask questions and when asked, I answer appropriately and honestly.

  • I make important information available and make sure that it is where it belongs. I am committed to ensuring that information is understood.

  • We make tasks available and take on tasks. We do not tell others what to do or how to do it.

  • I keep my commitments.

  • We treat each other respectfully.

  • We celebrate successes and failures.

  • We don't steal each other's time, and we speak up when we feel our time is stolen.

  • We get to meetings on time and don't let our cell phones and laptops distract us. We ask for a break when we need one.

  • We all play by the rules.

  • If we find that the rules of the game are not being followed, we will address the issue and help the team find the causes and solve the problem.