1 Idea Machine Engine Overview

Bring productivity to your innovation work.

The BrainStore Idea Machine Engine is Beta. So don't trust it 100%. Test the workflow before you work with customers. Currently the application is optimised for the latest version of Google Chrome and for larger screens. Most functions will work in other browsers and mobile browsers, but Chrome is definitely the browser of choice.

Before you get started you need to know if you want to run the process online or analog (workshop). You can combine the two forms.

2 Get started

Provide some basic information to get started with your project. You can adjust the information any time.

3 The cockpit

Once you've started a new project you can access the cockpit page.

4 Finalize the briefing

The Idea Machine Engine provides a full template to create and share your briefing with the customer and the organizing team.
The briefing is structured in the following parts: title, situation, purpose, road map, project related goals, expected results, success criteria

5 Add members of the organizing team

When using the Idea Machine Engine you have
→ The organizing team (with full access to the engine)
→ The participants (with online access to process steps)

6 Amazing creative tools for workshops

There are about 30 creative tools you can choose from in the Idea Machine Engine. Select the tools you'd like to use and print inspiring forms for your workshop.

7 Collect data during during the amassing phase

During the amassing phase you can collect all the data with the minute taker tool.

8 Enable inspiring moments during the illumination phase. Capture the results

During the illumination part of the process the participants come up with good ideas.

→ Present inspirations with projections
→ Present inspirations in printed forms (newspaper and cards)
→ Prepare decoration material for theme areas

9 Share the good ideas. Find out which ideas participants like. Capture the results

Print the set of concrete ideas created by the workshop participants.

10 Analyse ideas based on success criteria

One of the most challenging tasks in any innovation process is identifying leading ideas.

The Idea Machine Engine provides a very robust feature for this task: the analysis of ideas based on pre-defined success criteria.

11 Prepare the Idea Selection

Prepare a well structured workshop for selecting leading ideas.

12 Select leading ideas. Capture the results

During the Idea Selection you present a set of ideas (ideally not less than 8 and not more than 24) to a jury. Every jury member has the Idea Selection forms and can provide feedback to every idea. No discussions about the ideas allowed...

13 Design Road Maps

Take the leading ideas from the Idea Selection and place them on your Road Map.

You have 4 segments for your ideas:

→ Now
→ Then
→ Later
→ Maybe


Additional feature 1 Add participants for online workshops

By adding participants you can provide access to participate in online steps of the process. You can add participants in any process step. However you need to enable the process step for the participant.

You can grant access for all participants at the time or select them individually (then you need to save).

To add members of the organizing team and participants simply add the email address. You can add multiple people at the same time by adding a list of email addresses. Entries need to be separated with "enter".

Additional feature 1 Add signs for workshop preparation

You can add arrows leading to your workshop location.

Simply upload the logo of the workshop customer (1600x900px) in the design menu and go to the amassing printshop.

Fold the sheets in the middle and you can use them for left and right...

Additional feature 2 Export

Every tool as a simple export tool. Simply copy the contents and export them to a document editor or spreadsheet of your choice.