BrainStore's Idea Machine Process

BrainStore's process to create great ideas at the push of a button.
Goal: a great set of ideas

BrainStore's Idea Machine is a robust, scalable, replicable process to create fresh ideas at the push of a button.


How does the Idea Machine work?

The BrainStore Idea Machine is a scalable, replicable, robust process to create fresh ideas at the push of a button.

To run the Idea Machine Process you need

  • A good briefing

  • A well-composed, motivated community of participants as well as an organizing team that prepares and runs the process

Download the poster.

Create an itinerary based on the briefing

Goal: identify a set of interesting search fields for the topic and define a smart sequence for the creative exploration phase.

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Create the script

Goal: a detailed script for the process with questions, tools, documentation form, and responsibilities. The script is based on the itinerary.

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Goal: look at the topic from as many interesting angles as possible and get a large number of raw ideas and inspirations.

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Goal: extract great ideas from the results of the amassing phase. Inspiring presentation formats of the amassing content trigger the participant's creativity.

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Goal: identify the ideas with the highest resonance from the content of the discovery phase.

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Criteria Scan

Goal: we know which ideas meet the project's success criteria and which ones need further refinement work.

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Goal: identify the most promising ideas to be pursued and refine them to match the project's success criteria.

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Goal: the ideas from the refinement phase which are in the category "keep" are visualized in a comparable manner. All ideas are polished for the Ideas Selection.

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Idea Selection

Goal: measure acceptance and polarization of all ideas - get the first impressions from the participants.

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