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Welcome to The Flexpedition Store

The Flexpedition Store
Auf der "BrainStore Flexpedition" explorieren wir unbekannte Unbekannte.

There are...
Things we know.
Things we know we don't know.
Things we don't know we don't know.

The Flexpedition Store team is interested in these unknown unknowns and designs unique journeys into the future of your organization. Detached from the day-to-day business.
During the Flexpedition, awareness of the need for change and desire for the future emerges - new ways of thinking evolve. Your comfort zone is expanded.

Typical questions:
What are the unknown unknowns?
How do we want to help shape the future?
What scenarios do we want to be prepared for?
How can we foster our desire to make decisions?
Where can we experiment with roles?

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