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Training and Coaching

Customized training and coaching for your innovation team.

Background BrainStore Training

What you can expect from the BrainStore Training - how you can initiate a BrainStore public training.

BrainStore Innovation Training for Teams

Would you like to improve the innovation performance in your organisation?

BrainStore Innovation Champ Training

Would you like to improve your innovation skill? Would you like to get to know the key factors of successful innovation work? Would you like to learn how to create great ideas at the push of a button? Would you like to get to know a set of amazing innovation tools?

BrainStore Innovation Coaching

Would you like support for your innovation work? Do you need help to prepare, run or evaluate your innovation project? Are you looking to improve the innovation culture in your organisation? Would you like a fresh perspective from the outside? Do you need fast, accurate and outspoken feedback?

BrainStore Innovation Check-Up

Are you unhappy with the innovation culture in your organisation? Do you room for improvement? Is there too much talk about innovation and too little walk? Are you looking for a transparent analyses of your innovation work and a powerful action plan?