BrainStore Innovation Training for Teams

Would you like to improve the innovation performance in your organisation? Would you like to learn about the key factors of successful innovation work? Would you like to learn how to produce fresh ideas at the push of a button? Would you like to get to know an amazing set of efficient innovation tools?

The BrainStore "Innovation Training for Teams" is ideal for innovation teams within organisations. Based on a good briefing and the needs and the desires of the participants BrainStore designs a customised training program. Experienced BrainStore trainers lead the trainings. Learning by doing and collecting practical experience is a key success factor of BrainStore's "Innovation Training for Teams".


You want to increase the innovation performance of your team.

This is how BrainStore provides value:

· BrainStore listens to the needs and desires of your team and customises the training based on the key factors of successful innovation work.
· You can capitalise on BrainStore's large experience.
· You get access to robust, proven, scalable and replicable tools.


The Innovation Training can take place with members from you team or with participants from different parts of your organisation. All participants need to be interested in the topic of innovation. BrainStore also offers an application routine for your Innovation training.


Get in touch with a BrainStore Champ and speak about your training needs

  • Contact a BrainStore Champ of your choice and talk to the Champ about your training needs.

  • The Champ is happy to draft a proposal for the training

  • Before the training the training participant will receive a preparation package

  • During the training we will be learning and experiencing
    the building blocks of the DNA of Innovation and we will be working with
    the BrainStore Idea Machine.

What you will learn

  • Improve your innovation culture. Create a thriving innovation culture within your organization.

  • Get the briefing right. Start with good briefings. This will save you time and resources.

  • Compose Communities. Great innovation work happens when the right people are involved. Diversity is the key.

  • Make sure participants are motivated. Create awareness for change and buy in.

  • Run smart innovation processes. Use smart, scalable, replicable processes. Lets you focus on content.

  • Work with road maps. Place great ideas on road maps. A ten year old will understand what you have in mind. And a CEO will too.

Time Box

Customised trainings can range from 1/2 day to 1 week, depending on your needs.


image/svg+xmlPAYWHAT YOU WISH
All BrainStore offers are based on BrainStore's avant-garde "Pay-What-You-Wish-Model". After receiving the deliverables you have two days to reflect on the value and to set the price. You can set any price you wish. There is no minimum and no maximum. BrainStore will send you and invoice for the amount indicated, due within 10 days. Third party costs are covered by the customer.