The customer sets the price - after receiving the results.

BrainStore has discovered that letting the customer unilaterally decide on the price for services received, leads to an amazing increase in speed, efficiency, focus and value created. All of BrainStore's customers set the price for BrainStore's contribution - after receiving and reviewing the results; they are completely free to set any price they consider adequate. And they do a great job at identifying a fair price.

This is how it works

1) Tell us how we can support you. And we will be happy to describe how we can provide value to you and send you a proposal. You need to agree to BrainStore's proposal.

2) BrainStore provides the services as agreed upon and delivers the results.

3) After receiving the results you will have two days time to reflect on the quality of the results, to think about the value which has been created for you and to set the price you want to pay.

You are entirely free to set any price you find adequate. After communicating the price you will receive an invoice for the amount you defined + sales tax where applicable.

Why does BrainStore use this business model?

  • The creation of value is at the center.
  • We gain time by avoiding long negotiations and complex proposals.
  • We can get to know each other in an easy way.
  • The work over several cycles allows us to adjust process, information and tools during the collaboration.
  • Economical developments (within an organisation or within an economy) only have a minor impact on the flow of business.
How BrainStore creates value

What a collaboration cycle with BrainStore looks like.

Pricing Structure Pay-What-You-Wish vs. Consulting Model
Setting a fair price

Tips on how to set a fair price