Have a look at some BrainStore case studies

How can I become an actor?

One of BrainStore's youngest customers

Fresh ideas for a Rivella summer promotion

Rivella is one of the most successful producers of soft drinks in Switzerland.

Creating Ideas for the new convertible rooftop for BMW

BMW. Leading builder of automobiles.

Fresh Ideas for BUST magazine

BUST is a pioneer US Feminist magazine.

Fresh Ideas for the NYC Artist John Hanning

John Hanning - creator of Cosmo

A claim for the eHealth services of the Swiss Post

Swiss Post New Business

BASF: How will formic acid be synthesised in the future?

BASF. World's biggest chemical company.

Creative Workshop for Intermundo: Trend hunting

Intermundo is the association of the Swiss Youth Exchange Organisation

Creative-Workshop: visionary ideas for the future of mobility.

BFE. Swiss Federal Department of Energy.

How can patients increase adherence to medicine?

Koneksa - A startup in medical data mining.

Fresh Ideas for Little Tree (Wunderbaum)

Little Tree - the no 1 for air refreshers in cars.

How can the city of Biel become more attractive?

The City of Biel is a bilingual city in Switzerland

How can the Kunsthaus Zurich become more attractive to the young generation?

The Kunsthaus in Zurich is one of Europe's leading modern art museums.

How can we be better innovators?

SRF is the leading Swiss Broadcasting corporation.

How can we reactivate the maze in Schloss Schönbrunn?

Schloss Schönbrunn is Austria's number one tourist attraction.

How will the Swiss Museum Pass celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2016?

The Swiss Museum Pass provides access to over 200 museums in all of Switzerland

How can we become more attractive for the young generation?

The SBB is the leading Swiss Railway company.

How can we streamline information sharing across out communication platforms?

SBB: The Federal Swiss Railway Company

Re-inventing the sales approach for BMW Z4

BMW. Leading manufacturer of premium automobiles

How would we like to grow old?

Curaviva. The Swiss Association of Retirement Facilities.

Creative Workshop for Greenpeace: how can we better collaborate

Greenpeace. Leading environmentalist organization.

How can we improve our innovation culture?

PPG Industries is an American global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, specialty materials, chemicals, glass, and fiberglass.

Kraft Europe Future Expedition

Leading manufacturer of food.

BrainStore at the National Academy in NYC

The National Academy is the leading association of American artist and architects

Setup of an innovation team for MTS India

BrainStore supported the team of MTS India to setup an Innovation Task Force.

One Address

Text from the Bieler Tagblatt: A pilot project is underway at the BrainStore ideas factory in Biel: a check is being made as to whether the e-mail address could replace the conventional postal address. A pink test mailbox was mounted.

Roadmap Electromobility 2022

Wie erhöhen wir den Anteil Steckerfahrzeuge bei Neuzulassungen auf 15% bis im Jahr 2022

What does a new city neighbourhood look like in Pforzheim Germany

German city

Innenstadtgestaltung Stadt Pforzheim
Wie bringen wir Bücher zum Fliegen
Liechtenstein 2039

Ideas for the Future of Liechtenstein in the Context of the Jubilee 300 Years of Liechtenstein