BrainStore Timeline

Enjoy some BrainStore highlights since 1997 and some even earlier...

BrainStore emerged 1997 from Dactis Ltd, a company Markus Mettler and Nadja Schnetzler, Swiss born entrepreneurs started in 1989.

October 07, 2020
Meet in the Lobby Launched

BrainStore launches the first "Meet in the Lobby" Event.

August 27, 2020
First Online Workshop using the New Lobby Features

On 27 August 2020 we organized the first Online Workshop using the new online lobby tool

April 01, 2020
First Network Cycle

Based on findings the BrainStore Partner started with Network Cycles.

March 10, 2020
COVID 19 and BrainStore

In March 2020 BrainStore was hit by the interdiction of in-person workshops due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team first focussed

  • on creating the network purpose.
  • discussion governance topics and updating them
  • creating the BrainStore Lobby to enable BrainStore in-person-workshop like experiences in the digital world
June 18, 2019
First "Get. Shit. Done"-Week for partners in Biel

All Partners got invited to the "Get.Shit.Done Week 2019 in Biel

July 15, 2018
July 12 - July 15 2018 - BrainStore partners meet in Biel/Bienne

From July 12 to July 15 2018 BrainStore partners met in Biel/Bienne to exchange ideas and think about where the network is going.

July 13, 2018
BrainStore's Platform 2.0 launched
June 04, 2018
BrainStore Pop-Up opens in Barcelona!

Barcelona’s first idea store is now open for business

October 08, 2016
Innovation Champ Training in Hamburg

Organisiert durch Marie Sebald and Jonas Lufft, BrainStore Partner in Hamburg

September 30, 2016
Celebrating 25 BrainStore partners

The network grows

November 18, 2015
Updated version of the DNA of Innovation released

BrainStore Milestones

May 15, 2015
BrainStore released the Idea Machine Engine (software beta)

BrainStore Tools

December 04, 2014
BrainStore Innovation Champ Training in NYC December 2014

BrainStore Innovation Champ Training. In December 2014 BrainStore hosted an Innovation Champ Training at the National Academy in NYC. The learning impact was very big - and we had lots of fun.

October 18, 2013
Markus Mettler speaks at Creative Mornings in Geneva

The key ingredients of innovation.

May 30, 2014
BrainStores go online in Switzerland, Spain and the USA

The BrainStore network is expanding!

April 07, 2014
The BrainStore Lleida team organizes an innovation training

Lleida - first BrainStore location in Spain.

April 01, 2013
BrainStore launches the Innovation Champ Training

A new BrainStore product

October 11, 2011
BrainStore changes the business model to Pay-What-You-Wish

BrainStore introduces the Pay-What-You-Wish-Principle

February 02, 2011
Substantial learnings - painful time
August 04, 2008
Idea Machine Software

BrainStore launches the Idea Machine Software

September 25, 2004
BrainStore in the German Newspaper "Die Welt"

Germany's top weekly newspaper

January 20, 2004
Die FAZ rezensiert das Buch die Ideenmaschine von BrainStore MitgrĂĽnderin Nadja Schnetzler

FAZ: The leading German newspaper

April 01, 2001
BrainStore is portrayed in Time Magazine

Time Magazine: one of the most famous magazines

May 31, 2000
Nikkei Newspaper features BrainStore

Nikkei is the leading Japanese Business News Network

April 04, 2000
BrainStore in Fast Company

Fast Company. One of the most inspiring US tech magazines

May 25, 2001
One Address

Text from the Bieler Tagblatt: A pilot project is underway at the BrainStore ideas factory in Biel: a check is being made as to whether the e-mail address could replace the conventional postal address. A pink test mailbox was mounted.

April 08, 1998
BrainStore in the Newspaper "Die Zeit"

Die Zeit, one of the most renowned German weekly newspapers

November 20, 1997
The first BrainStore opens

BrainStore. The Swiss Idea Factory.

January 04, 1997
The Idea Machine is ready

BrainStore. The Swiss Idea Factory.

February 01, 1992
Campaign against HIV at schools in Switzerland

School Newspaper with chewing gum ("good for kissing") and condom ("good against AIDS") sample

May 21, 1989
Markus Mettler and Nadja Schnetzler start Dactis Ltd in Biel/Bienne Switzerland