What might be on your mind?

Find here a list of topics the BrainStore team has worked on.

How may we delight you?

Added value

Which added services will delight our customers?


What factors will make our next advertising campaign work?

Awareness and sense of urgency

How can we establish a sense of awareness and urgency for change and get people excited about the future?

Break out of traditional silo structures

How can we break out traditional silo structures within our organization and enable productive collaboration between departments, management levels, and functions?

Broken relationships

How can we fix dysfunctional relationships within our organization or with customers and suppliers?

Bye bye bureaucracy

How can we reduce complexity, bureaucracy, and fear-drive formalisms?

Celebration time

How will we celebrate success and failure in the future?


What is our new claim?

Code of Conduct

How do we collaborate when dealing with change and innovation?

Collaborative innovation

How can every person in our organization get to know the challenges that we face and start addressing the ones relevant?


How can we improve collaboration between departments in our organization?


How can we integrate our clients and other external stakeholders into our ideas development process?

Community work

What form of community work is suitable for our organization?

Company Website

How can we turn our website irresistibly useful?

Couple or family purpose

What is the purpose of our relationship? What unites us as a family?

Create a desire for the future and change

How can we instill an irresistible desire for change within our organization?

Create out-of-the-box ideas at the push of a button

How can we create fresh ideas at the push of a button for topics that are urgent and important?

Customer needs

How can our organization get better at identifying the desires and needs of our customers?

Dealing with failure

How do we reduce the fear of failure and create an open failure culture?

Dealing with resources

How can we make better use of our resources (time, money, motivation, energy, space, know-how, and experience)?

Tools to design the future

What tools support us in designing the future?

Discover the unknown-unknowns

There are things we know. There are things we don't know. And there are things we don't know we don't know. Let's discover them.

Discover trends

What trends will be relevant for our industry? How can we deal with them?

Dormant talent

How can we wake up dormant talent in our organization?

Entrepreneurial spirit

How can we instill an entrepreneurial spirit in our organisation?

Expand your comfort zone

How can we break out of our comfort zone and dare experiments?

Digital evolution

Where should we digitize our business? How will it make work life simpler?

Diversity and inclusion

How can we build diverse and inclusive teams in our organisation?

Easy access

How can we make access to products and services easier for our customers?


How can we fill our customer relationships with empathy - even in times of great change?


What are the surprising highlights of our next event?


What financing measures could speed up our organisation's development?

Flow of ideas

How can we make sure, that great ideas are shared and land with the people in charge?

Flow of information

How do we improve the flow of information within our organization?


How can we better focus on what matters?

Fulfilled employees

How will our organisation become a great place to work? Which work forms make us fit for the future?

Future Workplace

What will the future of our workspace look like?

Go viral

How can we get viral attention from the internet community?

Greenfield reset

What would our organization look like if we founded it today?


How can we sustainably grow our organisation?


How do we address interesting potential co-workers?

Improve employee satisfaction

How can we become more attractive to our employees without raising costs?

Innovation process

What does a clever innovation process look like that can be applied throughout the organization?

Internal Idea Factory

What does our internal Idea Factory look like, which creates and implements Ideas for customers and ourselves?


How would we invest to ensure high value and satisfaction for customers, employees, and owners?


How can we improve the relationship with our key customers?

Let go

What can we get rid of to make room for the future?

Logo and Corporate Identity

What will our logo and branding look like in the future?

Market profile

How can we sharpen the profile of our organisation in the market?

New distribution channels

What new distribution channels would be great for our existing products?

New customers for existing products

Where could we find new customer segments for existing products?

New products and solutions for existing customers

What new products and solutions would delight our customers?

Noise vs. information

How can we learn to separate noise from information?

Outside perspective

How can we integrate fresh outside perspectives into our innovation and change work?


How will our products be packaged in 5 years from now?

Personal Roadmap

What is my personal roadmap? Where am I heading to? How do I want to get there?


With which organizations could we team up to work on strategic, relevant topics?

Point of Sale

How can we make our point-of-sale more inviting for customers?

Product name

What would be a great name for the product we are planning to launch?

What is our purpose?

What is the purpose of our organization? What unites us?

Reduction of complexity

How can we reduce complexity in our daily work to create capacities to focus more on what really matters?

Roles in Innovation work

With what roles can we improve innovation work?

Seasonal peeks

How do we best deal with seasonal peaks?

Setting trends

What trends will we set in the next years?

Share the strategie

How can we share our strategy in a comprehensive form?

Speed and agility

In a fast-evolving environment: How can we as an organization become more agile and faster?

Strategic priorities

How can we identify the most critical strategic priorities within the organization and cleverly bundle them?

Surprising technical solutions

How can we efficiently solve a technical challenge?

Sustainability strategy

How can we create and implement a powerful sustainability strategy in our organization?

Target group X

With which measures do we best address target group X?

Technology in 2030

Which technology will be relevant for our organization in 2030?

Thank you

How can we thank our customers, staff, and suppliers at the end of the year?

Tools for change

What tools do we use to boost innovation work?

Transform innovation culture

How will we transform our innovation culture? How do we learn to deal with risks and failure? How can all team members become innovators?

Unresolved issues

What unresolved issues have been limiting our performance for a long time?

What If?

What future events could bear high risks? What precautions could we take?

Which scenarios do we want to be prepared for

What are possible future scenarios for our organization? How can we prepare?

What does our organization stand for in 2030?

Where would we like to be by 2030? And how will we get there?