BrainStore's Processes

The 6 BrainStore processes in a nutshell

Find here the 6 BrainStore Processes:

1 Briefing Process
2 Team Composition Process
3 Idea Machine Process
4 The Cycle Process
5 The Cycle Board Process
6 Roadmap Creation Process

BrainStore's Briefing Process

BrainStore's Process to acquire a good briefing.
Goal: A good briefing - common understanding and commitment from all involved.


BrainStore's Cycle Process

BrainStore's process for efficient progress, smart resource allocation, and a steep learning curve


BrainStore's Team Composition Process

BrainStore's process to compose a well-balanced community.
Goal: a well-balanced community


BrainStore's Idea Machine Process

BrainStore's process to create great ideas at the push of a button.
Goal: a great set of ideas

Road Map Design Process

BrainStore's process for reliable planning.
Goal: Simple planning language


The workflow process with the Cycle Board

Goal: excellent workflow
Inspired by Kanban