How would we like to grow old?

Curaviva. The Swiss Association of Retirement Facilities.

In June 2012 a BrainStore team supported to discover how we would like to grow old. What does it mean to be a Senior Citizen in 2050?

We invited Senior Citizens, teenagers and health care professional to a workshop. The youngest participant was 12 the oldest one was 92.

Before the workshop, BrainStore made a short movie in which teenagers interviewed children between 4 and 15 about their ideas about getting older.

This movie served as an inspirational source during the workshop, where participants from various facilities for the elderly as well as outside thinkers came together to create new ideas with the BrainStore Ideamachine. The different facilities then started implementing the ideas they liked best, based on their own philosophy and needs.

Here is a link to the movie with ideas from children about their wishes for their own old age: