BrainStore Innovation Coaching

Would you like support for your innovation work? Do you need help to prepare, run or evaluate your innovation project? Are you looking to improve the innovation culture in your organisation? Would you like a fresh perspective from the outside? Do you need fast, accurate and outspoken feedback?

Experienced BrainStore coaches support you with your innovation projects. Coaching topics include:

Improve the innovation culture within your organisation, write good briefings, compose innovation communities (from within and outside of the organisation), motivate participants and support them to move out of their comfort zone and think out-of-the box, run the Idea Machine (find good questions - allocate tools to questions), support with designing good ideas and placing leading ideas on road-maps. Technical support with the Idea Machine Engine.

Usage and value created

You are looking for a personal innovation coach, who supports you in face-to-face meetings, via phone or email

This is how your coach provides value to you:

· BrainStore coaches ask great questions and know how to listen
· BrainStore support you to structure and prioritize information
· BrainStore coaches have access to great tools, processes and examples
· BrainStore coaches are fast, focused and outspoken


"BrainStore Innovation Coaching" is ideal for executives and key innovation players within your organisation. It's also a great support tool for beginners and founders of start-up organisations.

Step by step


  • Contact BrainStore
  • Talk to us about your needs
  • We will be happy to create a customized offer for you
  • The coaching can start.


The coaching can run through different channels (also combinable)

  • Personal meetings at your place or at ours
  • Coaching via telephone, Skype, Zoom
  • Coaching via email


The following topics are suitable for coaching

  • Improving the culture of innovation within your organization
  • Creating good briefings
  • Putting together suitable innovation teams for a specific project (with representatives from inside and outside the organization)
  • Motivation issues. How do I motivate people to innovate and break out of their usual comfort zone?
  • Setting up the idea machine. Support in finding good questions, assigning creative tools. Technical support in setting up the Idea Machine Engine.
  • Support in designing road maps

Lead Time

Lead time for "BrainStore Innovation Coaching" often is very short. Coaching can be one time or ongoing. Talk to you BrainStore Champ!


image/svg+xmlPAYWHAT YOU WISH
All BrainStore offers are based on BrainStore's avant-garde "Pay-What-You-Wish-Model". After receiving the deliverables you have two days to reflect on the value and to set the price. You can set any price you wish. There is no minimum and no maximum. BrainStore will send you and invoice for the amount indicated, due within 10 days. Third party costs are covered by the customer.