Start with good briefings

Getting a good briefing requires two roles: the customer (needs an idea) and the Innovation Champ (supports the customer to find solutions). Before you start an innovation process, make sure you have the information you need.

Place the information in the 6 briefing parts.

If I need an idea I have an idea that there must be an idea somewhere out there. The word idea means to see (greek). So if I had the idea already I would not need an idea. If our customer needs an idea we help him to see/discover the idea.

So before starting a brainstorming, we need to find out what the customer would like to see.

To get the briefing right you need a customer and a champ. They both need a 1:1 conversation. The champ takes a journalistic approach and interviews the customer.

Briefings need time. Don't rush it. If you have more questions, follow up. If things are not known declare them as not known.

Present the briefing to the customer and get the customer's feedback before moving on.

Structure of the briefing
Getting the briefing right

This is a step - by step tutorial on how to get the briefing right.


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