Use the Idea Machine to create ideas

The Idea Machine is a set of simple, scalable, replicable and robust processes, which allow you to create great ideas at the push of a button.

To learn more about the Idea Machine you can attend the BrainStore Training or simply experience it by purchasing some fresh ideas at a BrainStore of your choice.

How does the Idea Machine work?

The BrainStore Idea Machine is a scalable, replicable, robust process to create fresh ideas at the push of a button.

To run the Idea Machine Process you need

  • A good briefing

  • A well-composed, motivated community of participants as well as an organizing team that prepares and runs the process

  • A location (ideally with enough space and light that ideas flow)

1) Preparation phase

During the preparation phase, the organizing team makes sure that you have a good briefing, a good location, a good set of questions and a nice selection of creative tools.

2) Amassing phase → It's all about quantity

The amassing phase is all about quantity. The project topic is looked at from various viewpoints by the participants using stimulating creative tools. The more inputs we collect the better! In this part of the process, it's all about getting a large number of inspirations, ideas, observations.

3) The extraction phase → It's all about quality

The extraction part starts with the Illumination. The participants identify good ideas from all the inspirations of the amassing phase. This happens through

  • Discovery
  • New combinations
  • Modifications of current ideas

 4) Like, analyze, refine!

Then we identify the ideas, which are liked most by the participants. This gives us a shortlist of leading ideas

The leading ideas are now run through the criteria scan, discussed and refined

We can now identify the top ideas and visualize them to create comparability

 5) Create comparability

Leading ideas are now brought into comparable formats: visuals and context are provided.

6) The selection phase

In the Idea Selection phase, we present the leading ideas to a jury and identify acceptance and polarisation of every idea.

Get open, anonymous feedback, identify acceptance + polarization before designing the Road Map

Download the poster.


Using the idea machine starts with a good preparation.


In the amassing phase a large quantity of inspirations are collected.


Discover ideas!